Simple 5 Steps On How to Light a Coleman Propane Lantern

You will agree that lanterns are very useful during blackouts and outdoor activities such as camping.

However, many people are not propane lantern familiar with how this particular lamp works and how to light a coleman propane lantern.

Are you facing difficulties comprehending how this amazing lantern works? You now don’t need to worry anymore because this article seeks to help you answer your questions.

Lighting a Coleman propane lantern is very easy as long as specific instructions are followed. It takes just a few steps for you to be able to light this lantern with ease.

You don’t need to bother others by asking. Here are steps that will help you light this wonderful lantern.

How to Light a Coleman Propane Lantern: 05 Steps

Step 1: Connect the canister to the lantern

It is a canister containing propane gas connected to a lantern for some of you who have never come across a propane lantern.

The lantern is also sometimes called the burning head. That is the section where you ignite your matchbox and set fire. The burning head contains a u-like tube that faces downwards.

The mandatory first step is connecting the gas-containing compartment or tank to the burning head.

Without this step, it is impossible to allow the gas to pass from the small gas compartment to the lantern or the burning head.

After connecting the two, you are ready to move to the next step.

Step 2: Turn on the gas valve

Every lantern comes with a knob that can turn on the gas, regulate the amount of gas reaching the burning head, and even cut off the gas completely.

You will agree with me that no lantern works without fuel or gas. The fuel is the only source that can be burnt hence producing both heat and light energy.

Have you ever thought of that before? Yes, there is no way you can light a lantern or a lamp without having a source of fuel.

That is the easiest step as far as how to light a Coleman propane lantern.

This step, therefore, requires you to allow the gas to flow from the small tank or the gas chamber to the burning head.

Most of the time, there is a valve that allows gas release. However, there is a wheel knob besides a calibration for this type of lantern.

At this stage, turn the knob in an anticlockwise direction.

That allows you to release the propane gas from the gas and take it into the u-tube and finally into the burning wick or filament.

Step 3: Press the ignition knob inwards and then clockwise

Most of these modern types of lanterns have been designed so that you can ignite them without the need for a matchbox.

Sophisticated propane lanterns come with modern ignition where you press the knob inwards and turn it anticlockwise.

You will open the gas and generate sparks that can travel to the burning head, producing a non-luminous flame.

However, as for the old models of these lanterns, striking a matchbox is the only source of flame that may be needed.

If you are using an older lantern, all you need to do is strike a matchbox and direct the match’s flame to stick to the burning head.

Your wick that had already absorbed the gas will burn, producing both heat and light.

Step 4: Regulate the gas supply to a desirable level

You will likely turn more gas into the burning head in most cases. That would result in more flames and even more hissing sounds.

All you need to do is adjust the knob that acts as control when that is the case. Turn it further towards the anticlockwise.

As you turn, you will realize that the amount of flame will dwindle relatively.

The amount of light produced will also reduce depending on how you regulate the amount of gas from reaching the burning head.

In most cases, the propane lantern will require you to allow a significantly small amount of gas to reach the burning area.

You might ask why but the reason is simple ad straightforward. The reason for that is that light production requires less gas than the production of heat.

Heating means more gas needs to reach the burning point, whereas lighting means less gas to make the burning filament glow.

Step 5: Replace the glass over the burning chamber

This lantern or lamp depends on the burning chamber glass. This is a glass that is designed to resist heat. It is made of asbestos fiberglass.

This glass needs to be placed over the compartment housing the burning head or filament to attain maximum light production.

It is translucent in color, perfect for producing a concentrated light. At the end of this step, you will have succeeded in lighting the Coleman propane lantern.

Coleman Propane Lantern: What & How Does It Work

It is a lamp made up of different parts, including the burning head, the mini gas tank/canister, and the gas control section.

It produces light when propane gas held within the canister is released to the U-tube filament and burnt.

Some modern lanterns of this type come with automatic ignition, while others depend on matchboxes.

It contains heat-resistant glass that needs to be replaced after the filament glows. The amount of light produced depends on the gas allowed to reach the burning filament.

Benefits of Coleman Propane Lantern

1. It produces both heat and light

When using this lantern, you will be burning fossil fuels to produce heat. The resultant heat is the basis of light illumination.

You will realize that it produces a lot of heat when burning for a relatively long period.

If you are in a chilly outdoor condition, then this lantern will certainly meet the need to heat your surroundings and produce light.

2. It burns and produces light longer

A single canister of propane will produce heat and light that can serve you for 12 hours nonstop.

That is a relatively long period for camping and other daily needs. It can produce light enough for the whole 12-hour night.

3. It is easy to install and operate

The only thing that will bar you from lighting this lantern is the instructions.

Once you have read and understood the instructions, connecting the canister to the burning head and then mounting the glass becomes easy.

You will be good to go within minutes.

4. It is highly portable

Both the canister and the burning compartment are light in weight. You can move around with it when it is burning.

Therefore, you can move from one point to another as far as the need for light is concerned.

5. It is relatively safer

To a great extent, propane is a clean fossil fuel. While using it, you will realize that it produces a clean flame free from sooth. It rarely malfunctions.

How to Light a Coleman Propane Lantern: A to Z

FAQs On How to Light a Coleman Propane Lantern

Is it advisable to use this lamp inside a tent?

Because of obvious reasons such as safety issues, you shouldn’t use this lamp inside your camping tent.

Moreover, all the tent manufacturers have clarified that we should not light anything within our tents.

What is the total capacity of the propane canister?

The propane cylinder carried about 16.5 Oz of propane. That is the standard volume of gas for most cylinders from Coleman.

If you have been wondering how much gas is in it, you have the answer. That has also been stated in the manual that comes with it.

What happens if my ignition breaks down?

The ignition is prone to break down at some point. That is true. However, you can still use this lamp even when your ignition is no longer working.

How? It is simple; use a matchbox.

What is the right size of the mantle for replacement?

This lamp is designed to work well with the number 21 mantle. That is a pretty standard style that fits in all of the lamps.

If you ask for a size 21 mantle, it should be able to fit and work well with your lantern.

Is there a larger cylinder that can hold more than 16.4 Oz?

Depending on your needs, choose a larger cylinder. All you need to do is request it from Coleman.

The ideal thing about these cylinders is that the head will always fit on the canisters no matter the capacity of the cylinder.

Can the cylinder bust due to too much pressure or heat?

Considering that there is a constriction between the burning head and the cylinder, it is very rare to find a cylinder that busts.

However, this can happen in extreme cases when the cylinder has some weaknesses. Overall, it is safe, and it will never explode.


Coleman propane lantern is one of the best lanterns you can ever find for outdoor and indoor lighting. It is easy to light as you must connect the cylinder with the head.

Then go ahead and turn on the gas before igniting and adjusting until the right amount of flame is produced.

The last thing is replacing the glass around the mantle and enjoying the bright light. It is a portable lamp that can serve you for 12 hours continuously.

With this lantern, you will benefit from both the heat and the light. It is easy to use and replace its mantle once the previous ones are used up.

It is a lamp that you will never regret using as it serves your needs more than you can expect.

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