How To Stick LED Strip Lights On Wall Without Damaging Paint: The Easiest Method

LED strips are the most common methods of decorations that you will never fail to come across.

If you have been eyeing giving your house a new look, you might have asked how to stick led strip lights on wall without damaging paint.

LED decorations are breathtaking even from a distance. You will agree with me that they make you feel like you are in another world.

You are in the right place to pose those questions for those who have no idea what led strip lights are.

They are strips that contain electric conductors (wires) and have light-emitting diodes connected to them.

The diodes have been placed at specific intervals in a straight line or alternating patterns.

How To Stick LED Strip Lights On Wall Without Damaging Paint In 5 Easy Steps

The most important caution that every person could like to observe while sticking led strip lights on the wall is not damaging the pain.

Have you ever thought of decorating your living space and outdoor walls using led strips? Have you ever wondered what to do it meticulously without damaging your wall paint?

The following are steps you can consider when figuring out how to stick led strips and still manage not to damage your wall paint.

01. Take measurements of your room dimensions

That might sound like it is unnecessary, but it is very important to be aware of the dimensions of your room.

The uncertainty that will linger in your mind is why we take measurements. It is simple. Measuring your wall area and distances will help you know the length of the led strip you need.

In most cases, shorter led strips mean that the beginning of the strip will not connect with the tail end.

That possibly means that you have to unstick the whole led strip and come up with a strip of the right length.

The whole process of removing the strip from the wall is detrimental to your wall. That is because the unsticking of a glued strip will result in paints being plucked out from the wall.

02. Cut the strips into the right size

The second step is cutting your led strips into the right length. As much as you might go for an easier way where you hang your strips without sticking, this step is very critical.

Always make sure that you cut your strip as accurately as possible. If possible, cut the exact length of the strip. It is even advisable for you to cut a piece with an extra length.

Why is that important? It is important because you are better off remaining with an extra strip than running short of the strip.

Cutting the right size of your led strip will mean that you will have the right size that will allow you to stick it once and for all.

Right length means that chances of removing it and resizing; hence wall pain damage will be done away.

03. Clean the wall space, ready for sticking

Can you guess why we need to clean the wall surface first before we can stick our led strip? It beats logic for you to clean the wall surface where your strip will run along.

It would beat logic if you cleaned it to allow proper sticking. Dirty surfaces may deter proper sticking hence the need to clean using a solvent.

If you stick your strips without cleaning, some strip sections may refuse to stick. That will force you to remove the whole strip again.

That is an exercise that may lead to wall pain damage.

04. Remove the glue protection peel

The back of LED lights strips has an adhesive that runs at the back. It protects the glue from coming into contact with dust and other particles.

Just peel off the adhesive bit by bit as you stick the string on the wall. Avoid peeling a large section as there is a risk of your sticky section coming into contact with the dust.

Ensure that you stick on the right track of the wall. That helps you avoid the need to unstick hence damaging your wall paints.

05. Test-run your led strip lights

The ultimate goal of you sticking these led strip lights is to get the right decoration feeling and mood.

After sticking your LED, it is time to test whether your efforts are worth it. Just switch on the power source. You will be ready to go.

LED Strip Light: Variations & Types

An Led strip light is a cord that has been mounted with light-emitting diodes within it. The LEDs have been embedded in a flexible and clear code that can stick on the wall.

It has a sticky adhesive behind the code that aids in sticking. It can also be hung instead of sticking. There are different types of led strip lights.

The led strip lights can be categorized into fixed color and multi-color LEDs. The fixed color led strips contain a series of light-emitting diodes of the same color.

On the other hand, the multi-color strip lights contain different colors that alternate along the strip.

The types can further be classified into specific colors such as warm, neutral, bright, and dull colors. The choice of strip lights depends entirely on one’s taste.

Uses of LED Strip Lights

Now that you know how to stick led strip lights on the wall without damaging paint, you might want to know the main uses of LED strip lights. Here are its uses:

  • Room lighting

That might surprise you, but it is one of the main uses of led strip lights. The strip contains a series of light-emitting diodes.

These diodes emit a specific quantum of light that contributes to your room’s overall lighting.

  • Space decoration

The use of dynamic colored strip lights can help you decorate your living room or space using colors.

The different colors emitted by the diodes are basically like flowers that decorate your room without withering.

  • Used for production of theatre effect

Most modern theatres have food-led strip light, a valuable source of desirable stage effects. With varying strip lights, it has been possible to introduce different lighting for different themes.

  • Enhances the mood of a space

The multi-colored strips produced by led light strips are therapeutic as it is the basis of formulating the mood within a room.

It is one of the modern ways of enhancing health and mental wellbeing. Just like a rose flower, LED lights are therapeutic.

  • Used for ground demarcation

LED strips have found another use in spaces where demarcation during the night is required.

Most airport runways are now using LED strip lights to demarcate the boundaries.

Benefits of LED Strip Light

  • Consumes less energy

You will be amazed by how economical the LED strip lights are regarding power consumption.

It consumes significantly less amount of energy as compared to ordinary transcendent bulbs. That is amazing as you will pay a fraction of the original energy bill.

  • They last longer

Even with the emergence of modern bulbs that can last for years, LED strip lights are still at the top of the table as far as durability is concerned.

They can serve you for more than five years.

  • They are available in different colors

An array of colors characterizes different types of LED strip lights. You will find LED strip lights that can emit a desirable color of choice.

  • Produce less heat

Unlike ordinary bulbs, the LED strip lights do not produce any heat that humans can sense. It is a cold, clean source of light.

  • They can be custom programmed

To get the right alternation of colors, the LED strip lights can be programmed to emit lights in a specific manner.

That is why some colors can deem down while others become bright.

  • LED strip lights replacement cost

If you wonder how much it will cost to replace your LED strip lights, you should be aware that LED strips are fairly affordable.

Replacing the whole strip can cost about twenty dollars to thirty dollars. However, the extra cost can be avoided by replacing an LED that has stopped working completely.

The cost of replacing is very negligible if spread through one year period. That is because it lasts longer; hence the need to incur a recurrent replacement cost is minimal.

Additionally, replacing a faulty LED light strip can be done away with by replacing it yourself.

LED Strip Light Maintenance Tips

To ensure the maximum output of your LED strip lights, maintenance should be prioritized.

How do you maintain your LED strip? It is simple.

Firstly, ensure that your strips are protected from adverse elements.

Some of them are water and moisture-resistant, while some are not. Non-waterproof LED strips should be protected from water and moisture.

Secondly, if the adhesive holding your strip against the wall falls off, you may need to consider holding it in place with pins and other holders.

However, to maintain its elegance, you are advised to reapply new adhesive or glue to keep the LED strip light in place.

Last but not least is that the amount of power supply should be regulated using specially fused sockets. Faulty sockets should be with the right sockets at all times.

That protects the LED strip lights from excessive energy.

How To Stick LED Strip Lights On Wall Without Damaging Paint Easiest Way

FAQs On How To Stick LED Strip Lights On Wall Without Damaging Paint

Can I re-attach my LED strips once they break or snap?

This is one of the questions that will come to your mind once you encounter an LED strip that has snapped or broken. You cannot connect the cord or strip once you break it.

The strip has been designed using a very thin conductor. The conductor itself is deeply embedded into a sheath.

It becomes very difficult to expose the thin conductor and connect it with the other broken end.

It might be possible for an expert to do so, but it might be a challenge for an ordinary person.

Is there an LED strip light that can turn itself on and off at specified times?

Yes indeed. There are automatic LED strip lights that can be programmed to turn on and off during a specified time.

Such LED strip lights have a control and a remote. It allows you to set the time when you need it to shut down and when you need it to switch itself on.

Additionally, some other types come while they have already been programmed. Depending on your daylight, you might want to adjust the time or time off.

Can I use LED strip lights for demarcating a path or an entrance?

Yes, that is possible and very common nowadays. Most of the paths leading to a specific place can be highlighted using LED strips lights.

This way, you will be signaling people toward the right path. Using this method is cost-effective as compared to using traditional bulbs.

Are our LED strip lights good for our eyes?

Although some believe that they might not be good for the eyes, the only argument that can explain that depends on whether your eyes are light sensitive.

However, some LED strip lights can be adjusted to produce low light that is friendly to your eyes.

Can LED strip lights be used as a source of light instead of ordinary bulbs?

The answer is yes. You can consider using LED strips to light your house.

They are a collection of small light-emitting diodes that can produce the same amount of light as your single bulb.

It is better to use LED strip lights to produce a bright light. Besides, it can be adjusted to produce the right amount of light.

Instead of using several bulbs, your room can utilize a single LED strip light.

Are our LED strip lights durable as compared to other light-emitting bulbs?

As much as modern bulbs can last for up to 2 years, an LED strip light can work for more than 5 years. That depends on your use and the maintenance that you do regularly.

LED strip lights tend to last longer because they are compacted into a single cord.

Additionally, it is a series of LEDs, and when one LED blows out, the rest will continue producing light hence doing away with the need to replace the entire strip.


If you have been wondering how to stick led strip lights on wall without damaging paint, you have several ideas by now.

LED strip lights are easy to maintain and install, and they can serve you longer than you can expect.

They consume less energy, produce little or negligible heat, and are environmentally friendly.

Mounting your LED strip light on the walls is a simple task that you can do without the help of an expert.

While they can be used for decoration, you can also enhance the mood of your space with them.

They are also the best for demarcating runways and paths and signaling visitors towards the right way.

LED strips light are overly the best because of their quality and reliability, and they can be customized to meet your specific preferences.

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