5 Steps On How To Change Light Bulb In High Ceiling

High ceilings are very common in commercial rental spaces and living spaces. How to change light bulb in high ceiling will be the first question to hit your mind.

You will agree that changing a bulb held by a socket high in the ceiling could be a problem.

Being a tenant, it will dawn on you that you need the right tools and techniques to change that bulb. You need to understand that changing the light bulb is very easy.

However, the only challenge that will force you to hire an expert is the inaccessibility of the bulb.

In this piece of article, you will be furnished with ideas, tips, and step-by-step guidelines on how to change your bulb on high ceilings. So, sit back and continue reading.

How To Change Light Bulb In High Ceiling: 05 Steps Process

Step 1: Estimate or measure the height of your ceiling

If your bulb has stopped working, the first thing to do is to know how high your ceiling is.

Sometimes, depending on your experience in measurements, you can easily estimate the height by standing right below the bulb itself.

However, instead of wrecking your brains regarding how high the ceiling is, the easiest is to take a ruler and measure the height.

Step 2: Determine the size and type of your bulb

Nothing is as disappointing as discovering that you have bought the wrong size and type of bulb.

When thinking of changing your light bulb on a high ceiling, the second important thing is to be certain of the type of bulb you intend to change.

Far from the type, it would be best to get the right bulb. Why is this step very crucial?

It is because climbing up to a high ceiling only to discover that you have the wrong bulb is disappointing. So, make sure that you have the right bulb size and type.

Step 3: Cut off the power supply

When changing a light bulb in a high ceiling, it is very critical for you to ensure that the supply line is free from electric power.

We believe that you are in a position to tell me why this step is important. Changing a light bulb placed on a high ceiling when the power supply is on could be catastrophic.

That is because you are at high risk of mild and major electrocution. Even mild shocks can be hazardous because you are prone to falls from such heights.

Ensure that the power supply line is deprived of electric power during this encounter.

Step 4: Be armed with an extendible V-ladder

Once you know the height, the next thing you need is an extendible ladder. That is a ladder that resembles an inverted V.

This ladder must be of the right height. Why is that necessary?

It is necessary because you will be elevated to the right height, where you can change your light bulb without stretching too much.

Stretching too much at such heights could lead to falls. Getting the right type and size of the ladder is priority number one.

Step 5: Change your light bulb using your hands or bulb grabber

It is not a crime to use a bulb grabber for those who still have jitters when holding a hot or warm bulb.

Using a bulb grabber is important when standing on top of a ladder and standing on the floor.

Bulb grabbers can be adjusted to any height. On the other hand, if you are used to changing bulbs using your bare hands, so be it.

Go ahead and change your bulb. Put the right bulb in, and you will be good to go. The latter options are acceptable depending on your preference.

Benefits Of High Ceiling Lighting

Now that we have discussed how to change lights bulbs in the high ceiling, you might want to find out why it is important or beneficial to have high ceiling lighting.

Here are several benefits of high ceiling lighting.

01. Allows for dispersion of heat from bulbs

If you have lived in a room with a low ceiling, you must have realized that the room tends to become hot when the bulbs have been on for a while.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

That is because low ceilings send heat from the bulbs to travel a short distance to reach those occupying the room.

High ceilings are advantageous as they provide enough space for the heat produced to be dispersed and cooled.

02. Provides space for big chandelier lights

High ceilings are normally the best if you want an abnormally large chandelier. A chandelier that holds more light bulbs can never be installed on a low-lying ceiling.

The best option for such humongous chandeliers is better to install them on a high ceiling.

03. High ceilings are safer than low ceilings

Light bulbs placed on high ceilings are safer than those on low ceilings. The reason for this is that they are hard to reach.

They are high enough that they can allow the movement of tall furniture. The installation of wall-mounted furniture is also possible with high ceilings.

04. Enhanced distribution of light evenly

Unlike low-lying ceilings, where the light from a source is concentrated on a smaller space, the high ceilings allow for an even distribution of light.

High ceilings provide enough space for the light produced to cover hence proper diffusion. Such diffusion is friendly to your eyes.

05. High ceilings lighting allows for the mounting of more bulbs

You will agree that mounting a series of light bulbs is better with high ceilings than with low ceilings. That is because it provides enough space for a chain of lights to be fitted.

They are the best for LED strip lights.

How To Change Light Bulb In High Ceiling: Clear Concept

FAQs About How To Change Light Bulb In High Ceiling

Are high ceilings lighting good for cold climates?

High ceilings are only suitable for rooms installed with a heating system, depending on your perspective.

That is as far as those houses or commercial spaces in cold climates are concerned. If your house is not fitted with a heating system, high ceilings might not serve you better.

High ceilings tend to diffuse heat, depriving your room of heat from the bulbs.

Can I change light bulbs on a high ceiling without help from a technician?

Yes, changing your bulbs from a high is possible even without the need for an expert. The most critical idea is to ensure that you have the right tools and ideas.

It would be best to have an extendible ladder that can stand on its own, a bulb grabber, and your brains. Climb the ladder, unscrew the bulb and replace it. You are done.

Are high ceilings good for LED strip lights?

The main idea of using the Led strip lights is to achieve the right mood and decorate your room; high ceilings are good for such needs.

High ceilings tend to produce desirable elegance and mood compared to the low ceiling. In that case, your LED strip lights may match better with high ceilings.

Do high ceiling bulbs last longer than those in low ceilings?

I could say yes. Light bulbs attached to high ceilings are less prone to accidental reach and unnecessary touches.

It beats logic for a non-specialist to think that high ceilings tend to prolong the life of a bulb.

That is correct. It is very rare for bulbs in high ceilings to blow due to careless physical handling.

Can I mount small chandeliers on a high ceiling and still get the right lighting?

Although high ceilings are good for huge chandeliers, you can still use smaller chandeliers.

The setback that comes with such a mover is that you might not attain the right lighting threshold.

Even if you would like smaller chandeliers on high ceilings, it is better to install several chandeliers. That is the only way to get the right lighting.

Are high ceilings risky during the light bulb changing process?

The obvious answer is yes. However, such accidents can be mitigated when the right procedures are followed.

To avoid the risk of falls and electrocution while charging your high ceiling lights, you should find a suitable ladder, the right bulbs, and the right bulb grabber.

You must also consider bringing someone to hold the ladder for you if you are unsure of its stability. Otherwise, changing high ceiling bulbs is easy if done correctly.


Learning how to change light bulb in high ceiling is undoubtfully beneficial.

If you have been wracking your brain about changing the light bulb on the high ceiling, you have discovered that it takes a few easy steps.

These simple steps are to estimate your ceiling height, choose the right bulb, switch off the power supply, get an extendible ladder, and then change your bulb.

It is as easy as that. On the other hand, high ceilings are more beneficial than low ceilings because they diffuse heat produced by your bulbs.

They are good for huge chandeliers, allow space for more bulbs, and light bulbs on high ceilings tend to last longer.

High ceilings are comparatively better as compared to low-lying ceilings.

Moreover, despite the height, you can easily change your bulbs on such ceilings even without the help of an expert.

All you require are the ideas above and the right tools and equipment. Once you master the last step of changing light bulbs, you will be an expert in your own making.

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